About Yixin H. Tang, J.D., Ph.D.

Yixin combines a creative and assertive litigation style with a superb technical training (molecular biology, bio-engineering, microbiology) in his legal practice. Yixin has argued in court and obtained successful results for more than a decade, for clients including individuals seeking relief or to vindicate their patent rights, pharmaceutical companies aiming to generate competition and reduce prescription drug prices or to put better medicine on the market, as well as multinational corporations waging patent fights or having commercial disputes.

Although he is a litigator by training and experience, Yixin understands that the clients’ needs and concerns go beyond the particular litigation proceeding at hand, and has had extensive experience advising clients in developing and achieving their business goals. He has represented and provided advice to some of the largest pharmaceutical companies as well as smaller companies in complex matters, including but not limited to Hatch-Waxman (“Paragraph IV”) cases. He has also drafted formal opinions on patent evaluation and Paragraph IV notice letters on different types of drug products.

Yixin has spent substantial in-court time, including examining witnesses at trial and arguing substantive motions, and gained in-depth knowledge on all phases of litigation. He also led and argued in an inter partes review (by pro hac vice admission). He has fine-tuned his practice to adapt to the various business, regulatory, and legal needs the clients may have. He has the ability to understand quickly the big picture as well as specific issues in the case, develop an efficient and effective litigation strategy from the start, and form and lead a team to execute the plan. Yixin is particularly adept at gaining insights into expert witnesses’ various technical expertise, understanding how the experts’ expertise fits into the legal strategy, and formulating strong arguments that are both legally and technically sound.

Prior to attending Harvard Law School, Yixin obtained a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Microbiology from Tufts University, taught microbiology to pre-med and graduate students at Brandeis University, and conducted post-doctoral research at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Yixin’s research interests involved plasmid vector engineering, microbe-host interactions and microbial pathogenesis, vertebrate embryonic development and the regulation of genes involved in signal transduction.

Fun Stuff

Yixin is an avid duplicate bridge player and competes frequently in national and regional tournaments.