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Upadhye Tang LLP was founded a few years ago to focus on our core competencies: IP and FDA law. We know the life sciences business and clients trust us for our advice. And given the fierce competition, we are tough fighters for our clients. Let’s recap who we are and what we are about. 

We are pleased that past clients continue to trust us with their new business. Over the last few years, new clients asked us for help to resolve legal problems. It’s a testament that new clients trust us for help. Our competitive cost structures allow us to do more work for the same budget compared to more expensive law firms.  

Who We Are

We are battle tested lawyers that advise our clients on how to keep going forward. Our lawyers are experienced through past experiences at global law firms or from being chief inside legal counsel for companies. Our lawyers have been clients so we bring that savvy with us. We are razor focused on strategy, transparency, cost efficiency, and results. Learn more about our team here: https://ipfdalaw.com/our-team/  Listen to our thoughts through our videos here: https://ipfdalaw.com/videos/ 

Patent Litigation

We represent clients in cutting edge patent litigation. We have represented clients in dozens of cases through trial and appeal. We help clients in PTAB proceedings. We don’t litigate for the sake of it; rather we advise clients when settlement is the best option. We litigate pharmaceutical cases involving compound patents, API polymorphs, formulations, and methods of treatment. There are no cases we can’t handle because we have handled pretty much everything from biopharma, biologics, small molecules, etc. We list just a few of our cases here: https://ipfdalaw.com/recent-cases/ Our videos also explain our practice: https://ipfdalaw.com/videos/ 

Branded 505(b)(2) Practice

We are one of the very few 505(b)(2) focused law firms. We advise clients on patent portfolio building, FDA strategy, and ensuring timely market entry. We help 505(b)(2) applicants get FDA approvals and get to the market for the earliest commercialization. We know about drug reformulation, repositioning, and FDA exclusivities. We know the patent portfolio, patent litigation, and FDA issues. Our goal is to protect the franchise for as long as possible. We help 505(b)(2) applicants ready themselves for exit strategies, Series financing, and due diligence. Read more about our practice here: https://ipfdalaw.com/branded-drugs-and-505b2/ 

FDA Litigation

Many clients are afraid to sue the FDA. We are not. We understand that sometimes challenging the FDA’s decisions make the most sense. We work with clients to resolve FDA entanglements before litigation commences and then represent clients against the FDA. We take client cases from FDA denials to direct appeals into the appeals courts. We are currently representing clients in court against the FDA in several cases. Read more about our practice here: https://ipfdalaw.com/fda-exclusivity-gmp/ 

Commercial Litigation

COVID 19 spawned a new emphasis on supply chain integrity. We are actively litigating suits regarding contract disputes, supply chain disruptions, and COVID related commercial disputes. With some companies suffering slower business, employee layoffs led to potential theft of trade secrets issues. Learn more about our commercial practice here: https://ipfdalaw.com/commercial-litigation/ 

News You Can Use

About 2x per month, we publish cutting edge, thoughtful, and value added newsletters for clients. We have dozens published on our website. You can subscribe to them. Our newsletters speak about patents, FDA, supply chain, litigation tactics, and other developments. Read past news articles here: https://ipfdalaw.com/news/ 

Presentations & Interviews

Our lawyers have our pulse on key happenings. Our lawyers have presented at dozens of conferences over the last few years. Our lawyers have presented domestically and internationally. As a testament to our expertise, legal news services interview us as key opinion leaders. We have given dozens of interviews. 

The Key Book on Pharma Patent and FDA Law

Shashank Upadhye is one of most recognized leaders in the pharma patent and FDA field. Aside from dozens of presentations and articles, he writes the 1400+ page book called Generic Pharmaceutical Patent and FDA Law, now in its 13th (2020) Edition. The new version will be out shortly. Learn more about this seminal book here: https://store.legal.thomsonreuters.com/law-products/Handbooks/Generic-Pharmaceutical-Patent-and-FDA-Law-2020-ed/p/106660975 

How we can help you?

We help clients in patent litigation, appeals, counseling, opinions of counsel, and PTAB proceedings. When your current firm needs help or the client needs a change of counsel, we can help. 

About Upadhye Tang LLP 

Upadhye Tang LLP is an IP and FDA boutique firm concentrating on the pharmaceutical, life sciences, and medical device spaces. We help clients with navigating the legal landscape by helping on counseling and litigation. Clients call us to help move drug and device approvals along and to represent them in IP and commercial litigation. Call Shashank Upadhye, 312-327-3326, or by email: shashank@ipfdalaw.com, for more information. 

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