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we are good at what we do

Comprehensive Focused

Our attorneys are a cohesive team.  We are lean and mean.  We know a lot and can do a lot for you.  Whatever your legal, regulatory, and business needs are, we can help you develop strategies and execute those plans.  If the solution requires litigation, we litigate.

Why Choose Us

Cohesive and dedicated team

Effective communication to keep you informed

Flexible, reasonable billing structures to fit every case



We know the life science business.

We are seasoned fighters in court.  

We are trusted advisors and strategists.


Team Work

We always keep the client in mind.

We believe in effective communication.

We work with you as a team.



We are super-efficient and hate waste.

We are flexible in how they work together.

We pass on the cost savings to you.

we aren't afraid of trying new things

An Innovative Law Firm For You

Our website name and email domain says what we do:  We have a focus in life science-related matters.  However, our attorneys are born litigators.  We love going after the big targets, the tough opponents, and wrestling them down.  We have obtained good results beyond the drug, biotechnology, and medical device space.  Our attorneys have handled a variety of cases, in many different venues all over the country, and achieved good results for our clients.  Our clients are large and small pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, food and nutritional supplement manufacturers, inventors including physicians, scientists, and engineers, and more.  You can learn more about our practice HERE.

As a boutique firm, we are not beholden to rigid structures.  Our attorneys worked at global large law firms and we reject many of the models we found there. We are open and flexible to different alternative fee arrangements to suit your needs.  We abhor busywork, redundant work, or useless work.  To avoid inefficiency that costs a client money, our attorneys are not rewarded for meeting billable hour quotas.  Our attorneys work together as a team, with everyone integrated into all aspects of our cases, to achieve maximal efficiency.  We communicate with our clients to enhance efficiency even further.  You can learn more about our philosophy on attorney fees and litigation costs HERE.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way